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Survey | How Americans View Immigrants, and What They Want from Immigration Reform: Findings from the 2015 American Values Atlas

Views of Immigrants
Americans overall are more likely to say that newcomers from other countries strengthen American society (50%) than they are to believe that they represent a threat to American customs and values (34%). Sixteen percent affirm or reject both statements, or offer no opinion. While there was some fluctuation in attitudes about immigrants over the past year, no weekly survey conducted between May and December 2015 registered more than four in ten Americans agreeing that immigrants represent a threat to American culture.

Attitudes about Immigrants by Age, Race, and Ethnicity
There are striking generational differences in attitudes …


House Panel Passes Bill to Protect Nonprofit Donors

The House Ways and Means Committee earlier today approved a bill to prevent the IRS from collecting the identity of donors to tax-exempt organizations.

Introduced by Rep. Peter Roskam (R-IL), the bill would prohibit the IRS from requiring that Section 501(c) organizations divulge the names and addresses of donors on their Form 990 tax filings. Under current law, tax-exempt organizations must disclose to the IRS the identities of donors who contribute more than $5,000.

Roskam said the IRS does not need donor identities for tax administration. “Tax-exempt groups should not be forced to expend precious resources on unnecessary documentation and tax administration, rather than focusing on their missions,” he said.

Ways and Means Democrats said there has already been a sharp rise in undisclosed money in …


Seeds for ThoughtNational Watermelon Association Blog

Millennials In Produce

It’s no secret that Millennials are exceptionally different than the generations before them. Technology has given them different eyes with which to see the world. Their approach to life and all the aspects in it is so distinctly different that many struggle to relate to these “new-comers”. Their work style is foreign to Baby Boomers and Generation X. It leads us to wonder how the next generation will affect our industry, the produce industry, in years to come. Generation Y people want to enjoy their lives and the time that they spend, whether the time is paid or not. They tend...


John Lapide #nwaMemberMondays

'Our strength begins with our farmers. With relationships dating back over 20 years...' This statement, found on the Melon 1 website, reflects the value they place on longstanding relationships. This is also indicative of the value founding partner, John Lapide of New York, places on relationships. The National Watermelon Association has been the happy recipient of John's friendship and involvement for over 13 years. John Lapide is the epitome of  hands-on leadership. He served the Association as President in 2009-2010 and as an officer for four years. He is currently an active and engaged leader on our Executive Committee as well...


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