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Survey | How Americans View Immigrants, and What They Want from Immigration Reform: Findings from the 2015 American Values Atlas

Views of Immigrants
Americans overall are more likely to say that newcomers from other countries strengthen American society (50%) than they are to believe that they represent a threat to American customs and values (34%). Sixteen percent affirm or reject both statements, or offer no opinion. While there was some fluctuation in attitudes about immigrants over the past year, no weekly survey conducted between May and December 2015 registered more than four in ten Americans agreeing that immigrants represent a threat to American culture.

Attitudes about Immigrants by Age, Race, and Ethnicity
There are striking generational differences in attitudes …


EPA Moves To Cancel Registration For All Flubendiamide-Based Insecticides

The EPA is issuing a notice of intent to cancel all Bayer CropScience and Nichino America flubendiamide products that pose a risk to aquatic invertebrates important to the health of aquatic environments.

Required studies showed flubendiamide breaks down into a more highly toxic material that is harmful to species, which are an important part of aquatic food chains. EPA concluded that continued use of the product would result in unreasonable adverse effects on the environment. EPA requested a voluntary cancellation in accordance with the conditions of the original registration.

EPA had issued a time-limited registration to the companies with conditions that were understood and agreed upon. If unreasonable adverse effects …


Seeds for ThoughtNational Watermelon Association Blog

Following the Facebook Frenzy #nwafuturist

  Two weeks ago, 9.5 million people tuned into a 45-minute live stream post to see a watermelon explode. Buzzfeed's Facebook Live video not only had more viewers than many television shows, it was the primary focus of several talk shows and news articles. It seems the phenomenon created quite a stir. Social media specialists everywhere are modifying strategies to include live-streaming videos in hope of riding the wave created by Facebook. Although live-streaming has been around for a while, now that it has been embraced by Facebook, it's universally acknowledged as the vehicle for future online social marketing. Facebook has apparently appropriated the audience...


From Watermelons to Witnessing - #nwamembermondays

     Our Watermelon Family is diverse, yet unified in mission and purpose. Nevertheless, there are times when a greater call redirects our path and we must respond. Jonathan Mayhue, of H. C. Schmieding Produce, and his wife, have heard such a call on their hearts and plan to answer as soon as the watermelon season comes to a close. The call to the international mission field came to approximately two years ago for Jon and Amanda Mayhue. While Jonathon was studying Missiology at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, and diving into the Great Commission given by Jesus in the book of Matthew Chapter 28, he and...


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