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The Vineline goes Digital

National Watermelon Association quarterly magazine makes a splash online with its winter issue. Now the latest research news, produce legislation, Queen reports, and upcoming events can be found at the click of a cursor. Read the latest issue by clicking on the Vineline Magazine.

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A progressive path forward

From your National Watermelon Association, we have much good news to share with you. This year of 2015 will begin our focussed efforts of Renewal & Rejuvenation as we pursue advancements in numerous areas of business that will provide support of our chapters and build Value to our members.

We have a new brand…a Logo readily identifiable and representative of our Association — that you selected through a member vote over the winter…


Get connected every day

Today there are millions of API’s and websites and so many social media sites that allow businesses to communicate. It can be very confusing, to say the least.

Your Association has decided to focus on just a few important tools to communicate with our members. Those sites and API’s are where some of you/many of you are almost every day…


Seeds for Thought

#nwafuturisticfridays - An Association of 'Family and Friends'

Should an association's mission be to build relationships? In an article I read recently, entitled 'Young Professionals: Just Looking for Some Friends,' the answer to that question would be 'yes.' The author went on to say that 'forming bonds over shared experiences might be the most critical role an association can fill.'  The Y generation, or Millennials, have been digitally connected their entire lives - emails, chat-rooms, and more recently texting and social media platforms. It is no surprise that these are the places they feel comfortable sharing experiences with one another. Ideally though, deeper relationships are formed in person. The...


#nwamembermondays - Ray and Tom Vincent

Many of our members operate farms that have been handed down to them by their parents. These family farms often grow and develop with each generation. This is indeed the case with Vincent Farms Inc. Jim Vincent founded the business in 1978 with a single-row cultivator and two mules. Today the operations are run by his grandsons, Ray and Clay, and cover over 2700 acres in Laurel, Delaware, where they claim to produce the freshest and safest produce available. Ingenuity and creativity run in the family. Tom, Jim's son, uses his background as a cabinetmaker in the oversight of the construction of...


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