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Public policy and government relations on the federal level are a key cornerstone program of the National Watermelon Association. What our federal government does, and in some cases does not do, can affect your business and livelihood.

Whether it be farm policy, fruit & vegetable programs, agriculture research pesticide registrations, rules & regulations, legislation, health care, labor laws and regulations, audits/inspections/raids, and much more … the National Watermelon Association is involved to provide input, education and support to the best of our capacity.

Public policy is sometimes referred to as ‘lobbying’, a loosely used term that means so very much, yet has so much potential and a ‘fit’ into today’s regulatory environment. In the past, this type of work has been left to the Association to ‘do what our members cannot do on their own’, and back then that may have been true. However, this is a new day, and we need your help. Here is where YOU come in.

It has been said that ‘lobbying is not a spectator sport’, yet so many leave it to others to do that work. This is a call to action. Get involved: It is not hard to do. We will give you the steps and encouragement to make it happen. Along the road, you will contribute to the success of our collective efforts, and create new relationships. Let’s get to work, and make a difference.

Become a member today and see how you and the National Watermelon Association can make a positive difference in Public Affairs.

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