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National Watermelon Association – A Family Of Generations

A Review In Song

Mitchell Miller, one of the Marriott Savannah Bell Captains, wrote, sang and recorded a song just for us titled, “A Slice With You”. This wonderful gift and lasting memory will stay with us for many years to come. Click here to enjoy a down-home watermelon song that will make young and old smile. Enjoy!


In a cooperative effort to create a consumer-friendly watermelon bin that will help to reduce inventories and other costs, the National Watermelon Association and its partners have released a first edition of a watermelon corrugated bin that will SELL MORE WATERMELONS!! The bin is available to all paper companies, shippers, brokers, retailers and wholesalers. CLICK HERE for more information about the program’s goals, roll-out, and other important details. For more information, please CLICK HERE.

The National Watermelon Association performs various promotional activities, most times in conjunction with the National Watermelon promotion Board, to provide support and maximize key promotional opportunities. This web page will describe some of those activities as they occur. Enjoy the reading, the viewing, and the positive results.


In 2008, the U.S. Senate passed a unanimous resolution that designated the month of July as National Watermelon month. The following spring (2009), the U.S. House of representatives followed suit. What does this all mean to the watermelon industry?

The month of July, according to historical shipment data, is one of the highest harvest times of the domestic season. And it signifies the height of summer and Americana, with the Fourth of July and many other celebratory events. There are many things that come to the minds of generations in July … fireworks, apple pie, hot dogs, … and Watermelon.

Congress has given us the opportunity to celebrate like we have never done before with promotions that we may not have dreamt of. It is an opportunity to run a National display contest to display and promote more watermelons. It is a time to work hard, and have fun, while we sell more watermelon. It is another opportunity to promote our crop!

Take a look at some of the events that have occurred during National Watermelon Month, and think about what your company, your chapter, and you can do in the future to be part of it. The opportunities are there, waiting for you.

"The People's Marathon"

The mission of the Marine Corps Marathon is to promote physical fitness, generate community goodwill and showcase the organizational skills of the United States Marine Corps. Annually ranked as one of the largest marathons in the US and the world, the MCM has been recognized as “Best Marathon in the Mid-Atlantic,” “Best for Families” and “Best for Beginners.” Runners from all 50 states and more than 50 countries participate in the MCM and an annual calendar of events including the Marine Corps Historic Half in Fredericksburg, VA in May and the MCM Event Series conducted aboard Marine Corps Base Quantico. Organized by the men and women of the United States Marine Corps, the MCM is the largest marathon in the world that doesn’t offer prize money, instead celebrating the honor, courage and commitment of all finishers.

The National Watermelon Association supports the Marathon and its runners by supplying encouragement and free watermelon!

‘Team Watermelon’ of our Association promotion coordinators and chapter queens give watermelon to the participants promoting the Association, the industry, and the health benefits of watermelon. Watermelon fuels athletes!


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